Pilot Exams

Pilot exam are mandatory if you want to reach Advanced IVAO ranks. You can apply for the theoretical and practical exam:

  • As soon as you have collected enough hours of practise and training with an aircraft compatible with the requested exam (see briefing guide)
  • As soon as you estimate that your theoretical knowledge are sufficient for the requested exam (it is mandatory to read official documentation in English for your exam)

The result theorical part of the exam shall be a succes before applying the practical part.

Your exam can be asked via your IVAO Profile page under “My Personnal Details”.

Or, you can go directly to the exam introduction page .

Consult the general examination procedures in order to understand the IVAO examination process

This table shows ratings which are available for a theoretical and practical examination

Badge Title Minimum Hours Theoretical Exam Practical Exam Briefing Guide Remarks
Advanced Flight Student (FS3) 25 Yes No Refer to the IVAO documentation Theoretical exam in english
Private Pilot (PP) 50 Yes Yes PP Briefing Guide For members of active Divs only (R&R
Senior Private Pilot (SPP) 100 Yes Yes SPP Briefing Guide For members of active Divs only (R&R
Commercial Pilot (CP) 200 Yes Yes CP Briefing Guide For members of active Divs only (R&R
Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) 750 Yes Dual ATP Briefing Guide For members of active Divs only (R&R

Note: Additional requirement are written in the Air Transport Pilot (ATP) briefing are mandatory before applying any exam.

Note that IVAO HQ trainning department had written a huge documentation offer for all exams. You can consult it with following this link