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IvAp - IVAO virtual Pilot client

The IVAO Pilot Client, the way to fly online on the IVAO network (including Teamspeak and MTL).

December 25, 2012 - IvAp v2.0.2 available (FSX/Prepar3D)

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IVAO virtual Pilot client
IVAO virtual ATC client

IvAc - IVAO virtual ATC client

The IVAO ATC Client, based on the real radars of Belgocontrol, Eurocontrol and Amsterdam Radar to be as realistic as possible! Take a look at the screenshots for a comparisation between Amsterdam Radar and IvAc.

December 25, 2012 - IvAc v1.2.4 Available

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IvAc 2 - Terminal 2 Solutions

Terminal2 Solutions is a software team with a special interest in aviation, providing solutions for both professionals and enthusiasts ! (IVAO Training HQ don't approved this software, Trainings and exam must be done with IvAc 1)

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X-IvAp - IVAO virtual X-Plane client

X-IvAp is an X-Plane plugin for the global online flight simulation network of IVAO. It allows X-Plane users to fly online with other flight simmers and real live air traffic control!

April 21, 2013 - X-IvAp v0.3.2 released

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IvAi - IVAO Interface

The IVAO Interface, makes a Tower View using IvAc/IvAp possible, adds multiple radar views to IvAc and more!

March 22, 2009 - IvAi v1.0.0 b150 Available

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IVAO Interface

INTERCOM - ATC Coordination Interface

It's an application used from an internet browser which upgrade the level of reality between ATC, you can communicate via voice. To use the IVAO Intercome, you need a valid Skype Account.


IvAe - IVAO The eye

IVAO the eye is not available for download anymore, since 2013, it's replaced by IVAO Webeye (Web Application).


IVAO theeye