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Start well in 5 steps

1 - Create an IVAO account

2 - Installer les programmes suivants:

To fly, you'll need to install the following software:

- IvAp: the software that allows your computer to communicate with the IVAO network. X-Plane users use the X-IvAp release.

- MTL Dynamic Installer: The MTL can observe the other drivers delivered connected to the network.

To control, you'll need to install the following software:

- IvAc: software that allows your computer to communicate with the IVAO network. This is your "radar" and will allow you to provide air traffic control services for pilots. Make sure you download the latest file "sector File" from the website of our downloads section.

In order to see, speak and hear others:

- Teamspeak: Software typically used for such network games counter strike etc., it is a recurrence of the "frequencies" opened by the air traffic controllers. Although text communication is possible, it is better to have a microphone.

- Web eye: This software allows you to get information on flights in progress, ATC positions, METARs, events, programming, network statistics, and more.

3 - Get Start !!

To fly or control on IVAO you do not have to be an aviation expert. However, it is important :

- To be already familiar with your software (eg Microsoft Flight Simulator, X-Plane, etc.)

- Whether you know fly the plane that you will use on IVAO

- That you know the basics of air traffic control services. See the IvAp manual.

4 - Know the rules of IVAO

You will find the rules of IVAO in the menu of the home page. The rules of IVAO have been adapted as and years of experience ..

5 - Your first connection

Here are some tips for your first connection:

Pilot :

  • Use an aircraft that you know well.
  • Place your aircraft on a parking lot or a parking, not on the runway.
  • Indicate on your flight plan that is your first connection. Air traffic controllers will be happy to help you.


  • It's best to observe another controller before opening a position.
  • Knowing a minimum the area that is to be controller.

Be sure to register on our forum and you jump into the world that is IVAO.

Se you online, with IVAO !!