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Salam Alikoum from Morocco, we are the Saturday September 23 2017.

Located on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean, the country covers 710,840 kmĀ². Kingdom of North Africa, the country opens its doors to Europe, but also the Sahara Desert. Present on IVAO for 10 years now, our goal is to live this part of the world on the virtual network IVAO. With its history, Morocco welcomes you with various airports: Casablanca, Fez, Agadir, Marrakech and Rabat ... Whether you are a beginner or experienced, enjoy our Online Day every Saturday from 16: 00Z ...

Massimiliano (MA-DIR) and Mehdi (MA-ADIR).


Online Day Morocco, Every Saturday 16:00z by MA-WM

More informations on our forum : here